As any business we have a set of terms and conditions that you have to agree with if you want to use our app.

No commission for space owners

Everything can be free for space owners. We will add a small fee to your guest final price. ( 2.5% – 10% )

Listing space on platform

Each space added through the platform or it’s tools will be listed on the platform after it was checked and approved.The checking of each listing can take up to 48 hours. protection

To ensure that you, the Host, will not loose money for the reason that some clients dind’t showed up we charge the client for the entire sum of money when he makes the booking.
You, the Host, will receive payment on the 1st or the 15th of each month after the booking was finalised.

On the 1 st of the month the sum of money according to all reservations completed until that time the previous month and on the 15 th of every month the sum of money according to all reservations completed until that time from the 1 st of that month.

Affiliate system

All the spaces from our network will be promoted on our affiliates websites. Thus given the spaces a better exposure and more clienti for the Hosts.

The affilates will not take any money from the owerns of the spaces, the Hosts. They will add a fee to the final price that the guest will pay when making the rezervation.

The fee is between 1,5% and 2,5% for maketing and it is as follows :

  • Bringing the client
  • Bringing the space in the network
  • Bringing the affiliate

Refund policy

The amount of cash that you wish to refund in case a Guest decides to cancel the booking is decided by you, the Host, and it is between ( 0 – 100% ).

You as a Host have to set the number of days and the amount that you agree to refund the Guest ( people that have done a booking via our app ). The Guest will get a refund between 0 and 100 % minus’s fee.

Conversion fee

We accept 135 currencies ( Stripe – Supported Currencies ) but due to the fact that our company is based in U.S.A all payments details and transfers to you the Host will be made in US dollars.

Thus all payments from the Guest to you,the Host, will be in US dollars and all the conversion fees will be paid by the Guest.

Stop overbooking

We are not reponsible for overbooking and any discomfort that may come from this to the Guest or the Host. ( see How to avoid over booking )


If a Guest breaks something while he stays at the booking he made, we are not responsible for anything and will not refund you the Host. You the Host will have to talk to the Guest and get back your money for the damages he made. This applies to any types of damages. It will be decided by the local authorities or by joint decision between the Host and Guest.


We are not responsible for anything that happens to the Guest while he stays at the booking he made. The hole responsibility is on the Host if it is the host fault or the Guest if it is his fault, this will be decided between the Host and the Guest.

irregularities between the offer

The Host is responsible for any irregularities that the Guest finds between the offer ( space, room, conditions, benefits ) and what the Guest finds when he claims his booking and finds that there are irregularities.

Stop using our booking service

If the Host wants to terminate and stop using our app for booking, the Host has to notify with 2 week in advance.

No conflict

We do not have any hotels, motels, cottages, or any other form of hosting space.

Changing terms

We reserves the right to change the terms and conditions any time we want.